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Education Loan for Abroad Studies with Qck Loans 

Higher education is a dream most of us desire. If you are one of those who have chosen to study abroad, then you might just have made a life-changing decision. When you have made the decision to study abroad, you have also chosen to get familiar with a new culture and new surroundings.
Apart from the obvious outcomes, what’s more exciting is your decision to study abroad also means a guaranteed weightage to your resume, keeping you ahead of the rest. By enrolling in highly acclaimed programmes, you have also chosen to gain highly valued skill sets and a global perspective that gives you the edge and helps you achieve your dreams. In today’s time it is quite easy and convenient to avail an education loan for abroad studies.

Securing Your Future: Education Loans for Study Abroad

Once you start applying for an education loan for abroad studies, you will by now know that this is no easy task as you are in for a commendable amount of paperwork to secure education loans. This is where Qck Loans comes into picture. At Qck loans, we ease your manual work by assisting you in every step of your journey to helping you secure your desired study destination.

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What Entails in an Education Loan for Abroad Studies

As a student, you are still a dependent individual when it comes to financing your future. When you are about to secure your admission for higher education abroad, you need to be armed with a strong economic portfolio to assure your position and make yourself eligible for admission. You also need to be in tune with the basics of understanding a foreign culture including the language. It all starts from your tuition fee, securing a household, and keeping funds for buying materials that aid in your study. This is exactly where Qck loans helps.

Unlike other companies, Qck loans is more than just student loans providing company. While other companies limit their offerings to just education loans and may extend it to travel and other material expenses, Qck loans starts by preparing you from scratch. We offer loans that start from pre-admissions. We prepare you to master IELTS, TOEFL and other similar exams and extend loans to help you learn the language of your choice. We offer loans to help you go through non-native/foreign language exams and loans for preparation of resumes, SOPs and more.

What we Offer!

Why Qck Loans is one among the top providers of education loan for abroad studies

Jump Start Loans

To help you be prepared even before you board the flight. Our one-of-a-kind jump start loans truly offers you a jump start as compared to other companies providing student loans in India. Our jump start loans include loans for preparing for IELTS, TOEFL and other similar exams. It also includes loans to help you learn the language of your choice and for preparation of resumes and other paperwork preparations.

Stepping Stone Loans

Navigate the early admission maze without any financial worries. Qck Loan’s education loan for abroad studies offers loans to help fill the fee gap for applications, career consultations, and any freight charges, if the students were to entail. Most companies offering student loans in India may not help you be the early bird, unlike Qck loans.

Success Loans

Covers tuition fee, expenses incurred on visa, living expenses, and other miscellaneous expenses including flight charges, laptop and other IT equipment charges to name a few.

  Who is in need of an Education Loan for Abroad Studies?

Students who Dream Big 

Students these days want to explore to the limit. Their thoughts are inexhaustive, they dream the highest, and explore beyond boundaries. These are the ones who want to make it big out there and we at Qck loans are just the right platform. We act as facilitators and incubators who safely & delicately carry your finer dreams upon us and ensure we bring it to fruition by offering tailored & comprehensive options that help you in availing a desired education loan for abroad studies

Achievers who Lack Financial Support 

Though achievers dream big, many of them do not come with the luxury of a strong financial background. In India, where the majority population include the middle class and working class, one can find a huge number of dreamers and aspirants who belong to the lower economic strata. At Qck Loans, we take care of their complete financial obligations by covering expenses that include their tuition fee, living and travelling expenses, and other necessary material and immaterial expenses. Our inherent aim is to come to the aid of such dreamers, achievers who are economically unstable and help them fulfil their dreams.

How you benefit when choosing Qck Loans 

The reasons are several when you think of choosing Qck Loans for your education loan for abroad studies. At Qck Loans, we make it a seamless and tailored approach to get you through a study abroad education.

Our principles are built with a Goal!
To Deliver Happiness! 

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4 Easy Steps to Secure your Study Abroad Education Loan

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Receive Approval

Access Your Funds

Enjoy Flexible Repayment

Let free your wings of dreams

Everything you need to know

The basic requirement to be eligible for an education loan for abroad studies is that you need to be at least 18 years or older and a citizen of India. You need to name a co-borrower who earns in India and is an Indian citizen. From an academic perspective, you must exhibit a good academic background and must have completed your degree or undergrad from a recognized university in India.

Qck loans offers comprehensive loan coverage right from pre-admission requirements (language learning & exam fee expenses), tuition fee of your college/school abroad, living expenses, IT hardware and travelling expenses, and other miscellaneous expenses.
Marksheet/certificate of your 12th exam, marksheet/certificate of any entrance exam, details of your course and fee, co-borrower’s details including income and other details, etc.
Study abroad education loans are good as compared to other type of loans because they offer increased earning potential, come with low interest rate and offer flexible loan repayment options.